Yellow Cake

by Snubnose Frankenstein

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A preview of Snubnose Frankenstein's forthcoming LP "Schroeder"


[Verse 1: Snubnose Frankenstein]

Aww Heaven's sake, let us pray
They done fell from grace, now its hell to pay
Y'all been led astray, I'ma set 'em straight
niggas begging like "It's gotta be a better way"
I ain't your everyday, see I'm a special case
Heavyweight, yet so much left to gain
Before they decorate my motherfucking resting place
Just to make up for credit they ain't never gave
Celebrate a fucking legend when I bless the stage
Best behave in my presence, this ain't section eight
Jealous rage? tell them they can catch the fade
Only got yourself to blame, go and hang your head in shame

[Verse 2: Snubnose Frankenstein]

Heaven's sake, come on let's be frank
That's how you niggas stealing huh? Come on let's be frank
I'm 'bout to detonate, we're talking weapons-grade
Y'all, the motherfucker bought some yellow cake, Awww!!
Pray to god, 'cause once I make the drop
Ravenclaw's fingers crossed, don't let your name get called
Fatal flaw, I just can't take a loss
Play it off, break the fall, I know what you think you saw
That statement's false, that's crazy talk
But it ain't your fault, should have took it with a grain of salt
I paid the cost, but for a greater cause
Now here is my angry mob, these niggas saying
Aww heaven's sake


released April 5, 2016
Prod. by Snubnose Frankenstein



all rights reserved


Snubnose Frankenstein Georgia

Shakir Givens (born July 30, 1993), better known by his stage name Snubnose Frankenstein or frankenstein, is an American rapper-producer and ¼ of the hip hop group Lousy Human Bastards!

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